Reimagining Space for the Next Century

Explore an ecosystem of new and exciting products, services, and experiences built around rapid, affordable, space transportation technology. Be part of a new paradigm that will expand the benefits of space for all and set us on a course for the stars.

Not just a space launch company

Even though we’re developing a new type of Ground-Based Launch system, launching payloads to space is only part of the picture.  We’ve discovered new opportunities to create value across multiple ecosystems not typically served by the space industry.

When was the last time you really looked up?

When was the last time you really looked up?  Daily life has a way of boxing us in, getting in the way of thinking about and acting on visions with True Purpose and Lasting, Multi-Generational Impact.  Everyone’s heard Space is the “Final Frontier,” but a lack of awareness about the positive daily impact of the space industry, and a gap between aspiration and action, continue to delay the promise of the Space Age.

The 1st major, new space technology in decades

Ground-Based Launch is the 1st major, new space technology in decades and offers the opportunity to reintroduce the public to Space and reignite interest and excitement.  I mean – who doesn’t perk up, at least a little, at the idea of a really big space cannon?  Ground-Based Launch affordability and availability, compared to traditional rockets, not only allows us to increase value for existing missions, but opens the aperture on a whole new array of space-leveraged products, services, and experiences that serve much broader customer bases.  Ultimately, it provides an opportunity to demonstrate, for all, the tangible value of space, how it improves our daily lives, and establish a sense of shared ownership in the larger, humanity-affirming purpose of continuing to push beyond our boundaries.

Pushing beyond our current boundaries

Ultimately, New Ascent’s mission is to remind people to occasionally look up, and we do that by relentlessly pursuing the space architectures, and infecting others with our passion for “Where WE Go, Next.”

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