SkriLab 3D Print Kit

3D Printer Class Pack

The 3D Printer Class Pack comes with the Skrinter 3D Printer, four spools of PLA Filament, and Skriware Academy.

  • SkriLab 3D Print Kit is a set of educational tools and materials based on 3D printing technology and 3D modeling tools
  • This package is a powerful educational tool that equips school classrooms and individual users with 3D printed teaching aids; this provides a great opportunity to manage complex class projects where students can collaborate in team environments and acquire interdisciplinary soft skills, while 3D Playground and Creator are great tools for learning the basics of solid geometry, 3D modeling, understanding the difference between 2D and 3D and the properties of solid figures (including the surface area and volume)
  • SkriLab 3D Print Kit can be implemented in STEAM related curriculum programs or used as an independent educational tool
  • SkriLab 3D Print Kit includes:
    • 3D Printer
    • 3D Playground
    • Creator
    • Skrimarket Online Library
    • Filament Pack (10 spools)
    • 80 ready to use lesson plans for teachers and 25 models from Skriware Academy


SkriLab 3D Print Kit

  • Holistic approach to the development of practical skills and understanding of the operation of modern technologies.
  • Learning engineering, technology, electronice and programming in practice.
  • Ability to expand the Skribot set through 3D printing of additional elements.
  • Practicing precision and concentration with a focus on manual skills during the robot assembly.
  • Ability to use in a variety of school subjects.
  • Ability to create other mechanical constructs.


Programming Tools

  • Ideal tool for people who are taking their first steps in learning robotics and programming, as well as for advanced users.
  • Ability to program in many languages – from block coding to C++.
  • Ability to program on various devices – computers, laptops and mobile devices.


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