SkriLab Robotics Kit

The SkriLab: Robotics Kit is a comprehensive educational package that teaches the principles of robotics and programming in an engaging and interactive way. With SkriBots, our ready-to-assemble educational robots, and SkriApp, our mobile application for block programming, students can delve into the world of robotics with ease. The kit also includes related lesson scenarios and additional teaching aids to make learning robotics fun and accessible.

Assembling the robot is a hands-on experience that teaches engineering and improves students’ manual skills. Connecting electronic components allows for a deeper understanding of microcontroller operations and the basics of electronics. With programming tools, students gain knowledge and skills that broaden their understanding of modern technology and its practical applications. SkriBots can be programmed at various levels of difficulty, from using the SkriApp mobile application to control the robot with block code or remote control, to more advanced programming with Ardublocks and Arduino IDE. Supplementary materials such as City Mats, Engineering Mats, and Engineering Cards offer support for practical exercises and activities.

The SkriLab Robotics Kit is more than just a set of educational tools and materials – it’s a comprehensive learning experience. With lesson scenarios from Skriware Academy, an online teacher’s platform packed with educational materials such as lesson plans, exercises, and lesson cycles, educators have everything they need to inspire students while teaching robotics and programming with Skriware tools. Whether as a part of STEAM-related curriculums or as a standalone educational tool, the Robotics Kit is designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a tech-driven world.

SkriLab Robotics Kit includes:

    • SkriBots, 6 pcs.
    • SkriApp
    • City Mats, 3 pcs.
    • Engineering Mats, 6 pcs.
    • Engineering Cards, 6 sets
    • 20 ready to use lesson plans for teachers

SkriLab Robotics Kit

  • Holistic approach to the development of practical skills and understanding of the operation of modern technologies.
  • Learning engineering, technology, electronice and programming in practice.
  • Ability to expand the Skribot set through 3D printing of additional elements.
  • Practicing precision and concentration with a focus on manual skills during the robot assembly.
  • Ability to use in a variety of school subjects.
  • Ability to create other mechanical constructs.


Programming Tools

  • Ideal tool for people who are taking their first steps in learning robotics and programming, as well as for advanced users.
  • Ability to program in many languages – from block coding to C++.
  • Ability to program on various devices – computers, laptops and mobile devices.


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