Engineering Cards

  • Engineering cards are invaluable teaching aids while working with the mechanical parts from a SkriBot set
  • Each card is dedicated to a different part from a SkriBot set; students will find on the cards descriptions of how a given part works, its name, a visualization of it as part of the SkriBot construction, and also graphics dedicated to its operation within the SkriApp mobile application
  • Engineering cards not only facilitate conducting lessons, but also provide a way to make students more interested and engaged
  • What’s more, they can be used as a basis for educational games!

Engineering Cards

  • Holistic approach to the development of practical skills and understanding of the operation of modern technologies.
  • Learning engineering, technology, electronice and programming in practice.
  • Ability to expand the Skribot set through 3D printing of additional elements.
  • Practicing precision and concentration with a focus on manual skills during the robot assembly.
  • Ability to use in a variety of school subjects.
  • Ability to create other mechanical constructs.


Programming Tools

  • Ideal tool for people who are taking their first steps in learning robotics and programming, as well as for advanced users.
  • Ability to program in many languages – from block coding to C++.
  • Ability to program on various devices – computers, laptops and mobile devices.


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