Reimagining Space for the Next Generation

Inspire the next generation of space explorers with New Ascent’s unique and engaging learning experience, MISSION: SubSpace. Guide your students by taking advantage of, and contributing to, a growing list of high-impact STEM education tools, curriculum, and other resources.

Inspiring Students to Reach for the Stars

MISSION: SubSpace is an aerospace-focused STEM learning experience that puts your classroom in the driver’s seat of a NASA-like Science Mission to space and back.  It’s the flagship product for an ecosystem of inspiration.

Space Mission Experiences Brought to the Classroom

As an educator, how do you provide experiences for your students that just make it all click and light that first, critical spark of interest?  Specifically with STEM subjects, there’s the added pressure that You are responsible for “fixing” the future technical workforce shortage or “problem.”  We don’t think this is just an issue for our schools to solve, and it’s not fair or effective to put the full onus on our teachers.  New Ascent is here to help.

Don’t let your students get left behind, launch them ahead at hypersonic speeds!

The goal of our STEM education efforts is to introduce students to a range of space, aerospace, and high-technology related topics (the “What”), show them there are multiple paths and careers that allow them to contribute in a meaningful way to space or other related industries (the “How”), and to inspire students to follow those paths (the “Why”).  We do this through MISSION: SubSpace, an immersive aerospace learning experience like no other, and by providing educators with resources that support, round out, and channel the interest that it generates.

Be part of the next revolution in STEM Education

A lot of STEM products focus heavily on the “What”, touch a little on the “How”, and completely ignore the “Why,” or don’t present it in a way that speaks to students.  We believe it’s critical to incorporate all three, and that it all starts with “Why.”  The most impactful thing we can do is share our passion and offer a compelling vision and sense of purpose that will stick with students for the rest of their lives.

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Be part of the next revolution in STEM Education

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