Build and Launch a Foam Rocket with Fins

Grade Level: 6-8
This activity comes from NASA’s Artemis Camp Experience Educator Guide.  Students will build a foam rocket, design the stabilizing fins for the rocket, and flight test their rocket with a simple rocket launcher.  The goal is to design fins that enable the rocket to fly far, but also stay on the desired flight path.

There is a YouTube video related to this activity.  Go to the following webpage and watch the video “Mission: Design Stabilizing Fins”

Build a Paper Airplane Launcher

Grade level: 4-8
Aircraft carriers are much shorter than a typical airport runway. How do airplanes manage to gain enough speed for takeoff over such a short distance? A catapult gives them an extra boost! In this lesson, your students will practice engineering design as they build their own paper airplane launchers, while learning about kinetic and potential energy.

Pi in the Sky 5

In the fifth installment of this illustrated problem set, students use the mathematical constant pi to solve real-world science and engineering problems. Students will use pi to reveal the size of a planet outside our solar system, find out how much helium is raining out from Jupiter’s cloud tops, locate a seismic event on Mars called a “marsquake,” and study an interstellar object detected in our solar system.

Spacecraft Materials and the Chemistry of Space Exploration

In this lab activity, students will become materials scientists for a day. Working with NASA to design a satellite or a rover means understanding the properties of metals under conditions very unlike those on Earth. Which material should we use to construct a rover going to a planet like Venus? What if we were traveling …

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